Back-Office FAQs

The Go back-office system contains easy to use 'data importer' tools for you to self-import your client and auction/stock data in Excel format. Bidmaster, PACTS, GAP Office, RFC and Navision can all export data to Excel. There is no limit to the number of client and lot/stock records you can import, or the number of old auctions you can create. 

Data is validated as part of the import process - for example, the system validates that email addresses are correctly formed and not duplicated. If your legacy back-office system has poor data (e.g. data that contains multiple duplicate email addresses), the Go data-importer tool lets you chose how to handle the duplicates. 

If you prefer the Go team to handle the data migration for you as part of the project, please discuss this with us - this is a service we can offer but additional charges will apply. It is possible to import a wider data-set from your legacy back-office system (e.g. bid data, invoice data, statement data) but we will need to review the data so that we can quote for the work involved.


The Go system has significant on-line learning resources which we make available to all staff - this comprises articles, videos and quizzes. We also give you access to a 'Sandbox' so that you can self-train in a safe-environment as you work through the online learning resources. 

The online training is complemented with 2 half-day 'Q&A' sessions where a member of the Go team will be available on Zoom to run through any questions you may have - this will only be undertaken after sufficient interaction with the E-Learning resources - timescales will be set out in your Project Plan.

For larger teams or teams who need more tailored training, we can build custom training plans which can be a mixture of online and in-person training; if you would like to discuss custom training, let us know upfront as this will need to be built into your Project Plan. We will provide a fixed-price cost for custom training.

From the moment you instruct us to set up your new back-office system, the standard/installation process typically takes between 4-8 weeks, although this is dependent on your team's ability to complete the necessary training prior to launch. 

Because a member of the Go team will be on-site with you for your first auction on the system*, we will need to liaise with you to ensure the availability of a Go team member to support you on your selected date - we will run through that with you when the project commences and we will record that in the 'Project Plan' which both parties commit to.

* UK customers only, subject to travel restrictions due to Covid-19. If it is not possible to be on-site physically with you, we will join you remotely on an extended Zoom session.

Yes. With Go Auction you will always own your data - valuable data that can be used to market to your customers and grow your business.

The setup cost for the Back-Office system includes the following:

  • a data import tool which allows you to self-import your own client and stock data using Excel
  • access to a 'Sandbox' (a 'safe' system which your staff can explore)
  • access to our extensive E-Learning resources to allow your staff to self-train whilst exploring the Sandbox
  • 2 half-day Q&A sessions to be run remotely via Zoom part-way and towards the end of your training/sandbox period
  • attendance for your first live auction (UK customers only, subject to travel restrictions/government advice due to Covid-19) (travel costs apply if an overnight stay is required)