We know you'll have lots of questions about Go Auction, so we've answered a few below. If we haven't addressed your question please use the contact form on the right to get in touch.  

What is Go Auction?

Go Auction is a new tool that puts you in control of your website - it's an easy to use platform designed specifically for auctioneers, and developed with the input of a leading UK auction room. With Go Auction you can have the great website you've always wanted, with a price tag that won't break the bank. Not only does Go Auction allow us to build your website in a fraction of the time taken by other providers, but it's so easy to use and flexible that you'll save time and money by being able to update it yourself.   

Why did you build it?

We developed Go Auction because we wanted to give auctioneers a way of harnessing technology and data to grow their business. Our CEO and Founder, Nikki Robinson, has been involved in the sector for years and has seen many changes - some good and some not so good; she believes that a great website should be available to all auctioneers, whatever the size and budget of the business, and that technology shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive.  

Will I own my data?

Yes. With Go Auction you will always own your own data - valuable data that can be used to market to your customers and grow your business. This is vital and is not always the case with other service providers. 

How will Go Auction help my business?

Go Auction will be a pro-active technology partner for your auction house, working with you to understand your needs and continually delivering a service that helps your business thrive. The tools and functionality within the Go Auction platform will rival even the biggest auction houses in terms of features, and allow you to build the same kind of relationship with your online customers that you enjoy with those who physically come to your sale room.  

What's the migration process?

Moving your website is a bit like moving house - when you move house you send a change of address card to your friends; when you move your website to a new provider there's an online equivalent! The process is simple - we'll build your 'new' website on our development platform, and then - when you're happy that your new site is working exactly the way you want - we'll update the 'address' of your website so that it points to where it's currently living (i.e our webserver) rather than where it used to live (your old provider's webserver). If you've got users from your previous website, we can import these into the new one quickly and easily. 

How long will it take to get a new website?

Due to the innovative technology and inbulit flexibility within the Go Auction platform, we can build a new website very quickly - typiclly within 3-6 weeks! The exact time depends more on how quickly you can meet with us to discuss your requirements and provide the content etc. that we need to build your new site.  

What's the cost?

Every auction house is unique and has different needs and budgets for their website. So we've designed Go Auction not only in three different plans, but also with a range of special features so you can pick and chose the exact features you want. There's clear, up front pricing: a one-off set up fee to get you going, then it's just a flat monthly fee depending on what plan you're on and whether you've purchased any extra features. We're confident that there's no system that's better value than Go Auction - ask for a demo so you can see for yourself. 

Is it a bespoke design service?

Go Auction is not a bespoke design service - but it's so powerful and flexible that it might as well be! There's nothing we've been asked for that our system can't handle out of the box - the flexibility is already built in and much of the functionality that comes as standard with Go Auction would cost thousands of pounds if it were to be developed 'bespoke'. The Go Auction platform not only saves you money, but it means you can have a brand new website in a fraction of the time it takes with a bespoke design service.  

Where can I see it in action?

Peter Wilson Auctions Fine Art Auctioneers LLP have become the first auction room to switch to the Go Auction platform. You can see their website here: www.peterwilson.co.uk.  

Why's it special?

Go Auction was developed by people who know auctions and who know tech. Manchester-based Avid Solutions have been building website and technology solutions for over 20 years, and they have worked with several UK auctioneers in that time. They developed Go Auction in collaboration with a leading UK auctioneer - so you can be sure that this is a tool that does exactly what you need.  

What features are being added?

We're currently working on some great new features that will be released soon - these include a secure payment page and timed auctions.  

Will you help me if I get stuck?

Yes. With all our plans you get a certain amount of inclusive service and support time - this can be used for any query you have or issues you'd like to discuss. We've a great track record of supporting businesses in this way - ask us if you want to know more. As well as the inclusive support time you get within your plan, you can always purchase extra support hours if you need to - our hourly rate is £65. 




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