Once More Unto the Breach

9/12/2019     Alexander Clement

These days you can bearly get through a week without hearing about a data breach somewhere in the world. There were nearly 5000 breaches reported in the first half of 2019 in the UK, exposing 4.1 billion records. Consequently, anyone running a business that handles sensitive client data is going to be concerned about security threats. Fine art auctioneers, of course, hold a lot of detail about their customers including financial information which could be potentially catastrophic if hacked or exposed.

So when choosing where to put your data, the natural inclination is to use a local server; a physical nuts and bolts machine in your building. You can see it in that storeroom, humming away with lights flickering and feel good about keeping it all under control. The problem is making sure you have enough security measures in place to prevent that server from being breached. That means relying on your IT provider or a consultant to keep you up to date which can be expensive. You also have to buy and maintain the physical equipment which will need updating and upgrading as you grow and your needs increase.

"If you can’t see the server and don’t even know where it is, how can you be sure it and your data are safe?"


The alternative is keeping your data on the cloud. What does this mean? Cloud servers are computers all over the world that are accessed via the internet. But is that more secure? If you can’t see the server and don’t even know where it is, how can you be sure it and your data are safe? This is where one of the main advantages of cloud computing comes into play. Cloud services have to keep their security tight and constantly up to date. They often have many clients, from small start-ups through multi-national corporations to Government bodies and so data security is paramount.

The other advantage of cloud storage is that the physical equipment is always up to date as well, something you don’t have to worry about upgrading as it’s all built into your subscription. And you can access your data from wherever you have an internet connection or mobile signal which gives you incredible flexibility when working outside your office.

At Go Auction we chose the Microsoft Azure platform to host our clients’ databases. This is not only trusted by countless major corporations and government organisations but has the widest network of data centres and the highest levels of security and compliance in the industry.

Of course data security is not just about where you keep your data but how you use it. Of the breaches recorded in the first half of 2019, a great many were caused by simple mistakes in handling client information. According to Forbes:

“60% of the 4856 personal data breaches reported to the ICO [UK Information Commissioner's Office] in the first half of 2019 were the result of human error. The press release stated that 43% were the result of incorrect disclosure and 20% posting or faxing data to the wrong recipient. Emailing information to incorrect recipients or failing to use the Bcc function accounted for 18%, while 5% were caused by providing data in a response to a phishing attack.”

So training and good internal procedures are really important in making sure your security matches that of your servers, wherever they are.

We believe that the best way to keep your data safe is by using a trusted cloud service with all its added benefits of convenience. The advantage of being able to access your data wherever you are as well as benefitting from up to the minute industry-leading security is a clear winner.


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