Optional Features


Go Auction is already packed with all the core features you need to run your auction processes. But if you want to extend the power of Go even further, take a look at our optional features below. Contact us for pricing.


The back-office system comes with 4 user licences included. Additional user licences are £15 per user per month. 

A sophisticated feature that exports accounts transactions into a file so they can be imported into a third-party accounts system such as Xero, Sage etc. Configuration screens allow you to set the specific account/nominal codes for your organisation. 


This useful pack includes various features to make the running of your sale-day processes even smoother - particularly useful for high-volume or high-value auctions.

  • Auto-allocation of telephone bidders to clerks
  • Deposits feature
  • Bid boost functionality (+1 bidding)
  • Advanced registraton
  • ‘Best offer’ recording (for an unsold lot on the hammer prices screen – useful for informing post-sales advice discussions etc.)

This pack extends Go's already powerful client functions even further. 

  • Set 'Trust Level' for clients based on their previous bidding history with you and associated bid limits.
  • Set 'Tags' against a client (e.g. 'Private Seller', 'Trade', 'Gallery' etc.) Tags can be configured as you wish.
  • Set specific staff contacts against clients to help you manage the client relationship.
  • Set language against a client and see this information printed out on Telephone Bidding sheets.

Go's core functionality gives you all the important functions you need for receipting, cataloguing and lotting. The features in this pack allow you to take things even further. 

  • Stock item 'custom' fields
  • Large-format 'gallery style' lot labels showing title/description, logo, sale date and name etc. 
  • Lot amendments tracking - helpfully prompts you on stock item updates and allows you to produce a 'saleroom notices' listing at the click of a button.
  • Terms & Conditions versioning for receipts - automatically handles changes to your terms and conditions on receipts.
  • Stock check reports – a useful breakdown of all stock currently on-site, listed by location. 
  • Tagged catalogue export - can speed up the desktop publishing process for auction catalogues.

The Artists/Makers Index feature allows you to build your own index of artists, authors, designers and makers etc., meaning you can not only achieve a consistent and highly professional catalogue presentation, but you can allow clients to search for those artists/makers on your website/web app pages.

For auctioneers operating from multiple locations/offices, the Branch/Office Management feature allows you to set up different branches/offices in the Go system and use these when communicating with clients etc. 

Go's Shop ('Buy it Now') functionality gives you a full e-commerce option for fixed price sales. Clients can add designated items to their cart and check out, self-generating an invoice. 

One of the most popular and time-saving features in Go - the integration works with your E-Mail box to pull condition requests from the-saleroom.com and/or Invaluable into the Go Auction system. Once in the Go system, condition enquiries can be automatically assigned to staff members based on lot category or sale type. 

Go already comes with all the core accounts/finance reports you need, but for larger organisations, you can take things further with the following features:

  • Predicted income reporting
  • Income summary reporting
  • ‘Buyer Terms’ functionality
  • Client Account Balancing – an overall view of what the balance should be, and how much money can be transferred from the ‘Client’ account to the ‘Office’ account.
  • non-auction invoices

Go Auction integrates with leading live bidding providers including Bid Path and the ATG. This means that customers can bid live on your auctions by signing in to your website and launching the live-bidding window directly from your site (rather than having to use the third-party platforms directly). Clients can ‘pre-register’ for auctions ahead of time. 

Go Auction integrates with Mailchimp via API – this means clients can sign up to newsletters on your website (and manage their subscriptions via their 'My Account' page), signups are automatically synced to your Mailchimp account. This feature saves a lot of time as email addresses don’t have to be manually copied across to Mailchimp, helping ensure GDPR best-practice.

The reports available as part of the Management Information pack will give you valuable insights into your business. Features and reports include:

  • A 'Business Activity' report (lots catalogued, receipts input, enquiries actioned etc.)
  • A 'Valuation Response' times report 
  • An Auction Statistics ‘Summary’ report – in-depth analysis of auction performance
  • A ‘lot banding’ report – analysis of lot activity and performance based on ‘value’ banding (low estimate).
  • A Contacts/Reps report – shows analysis of performance of lots (consignment and sell-through rates) by specific contacts/reps.
  • An Auction Activity report - a powerful report that shows you website lot details page views and bid/condition report activity by lot (only available if you have a Go website or the Web App).
  • New business reports – enables you to quickly identify which advertising and marketing activities are driving new consignors and buyers.

The Go Auction Marketing Pack gives you advanced tools and features to drive your marketing forwards through useful tools that help you streamline processes and give you valuable data insights and tracking capabilities.  Features include:

  • Access to the powerful 'Query Builder' to interrogate your client data. 
  • Profile and segment your clients by adding tags to their client record (actioned in bulk from the Query Builder screen)
  • Includes support for Facebook Pixel so you can track your advertising and conversions from Facebook.
  • Google Analytics integration and Event tracking - allows you to set up tracking codes at various trigger points on your website so that events can be properly tracked via Google Analytics.
  • Set the ‘Receipt Source’ on receipt input so that you can track and report on the sources of consignments (a more precise way of reporting than the overall ‘client level’ source).
  • The Advanced catalogue subscriptions functionality enables you to automatically manage subscription renewals and identify people whose subscription is due to expire, contact them and bulk-set renewals.
  • Maintain and manage unlimited clients lists to assist you with your marketing activities – client lists can be used to generate labels, emails, or downloaded to Excel. Client List functionality cross-references the Marketing Preferences settings on client records to help ensure you don’t inadvertently market to the wrong clients.
  • Feeds so that you can export your catalogue to various external platforms.

If you have a Sage Pay account, the Go system can integrate with it so that clients can make payments quickly and easily via your website. Also, if you have a live-bidding integration on your website, the Sage Pay integration allows you to request card details (for client verification purposes) as part of their online account creation process. Automatic emails are generated when clients pay, leading to a smoother customer experience and less burden on staff handling requests to pay over the phone.

Sage Pay's 'Third Man' fraud score can be passed back to the Go system and displayed on invoices.

The fully-integrated timed auction functionality within Go Auction allows you to offer your clients an exciting timed auction experience directly through your own website. With all the features you’ve come to expect from timed auctions including auto-emailing clients when they are outbid etc. The post-sale process is super-quick – just the click of a button to pull through results and then another click to generate all invoices. A great experience for your clients that’s easy to administer for you; keeps clients coming back to your website even when there’s no live auctions currently underway.

The Web Premium Features Pack will add sophisticated features to your website that will not only save staff time but will really make your website stand out from the crowd, features include:

  • An online ‘Valuation Management’ system that routes valuation enquiries to the appropriate staff member based on lot type and allows staff to respond quickly to unwanted enquiries via a series of customisable templates.
  • Issuu ‘page-turner’ catalogue integration (requires an Issuu pro account) so that an Issuu catalogue can be viewed directly from your own website.
  • Lot Alert functionality so that your customers and your staff can set up ‘profiles’ for your clients of what their buying/collecting interests are, so that they can be sent an attractive email listing the specific items in forthcoming sales that match their collecting interests.
  • A ‘Consign Now’ button can be posted for forthcoming auctions encouraging consignments and vendor interaction.
  • A 'Lot Preview' feature so you can preview (and accept bids) on upcoming lots - even ahead of when the auction is ready to be published online.
  • Wishlist reminder emails can be sent to clients who have items in their Wishlist that they have yet to bid on.
  • Lot-specific videos can be set to play directly from the lot details page of your website.
  • Client 'self-booking' appointment system
  • Special lot sections can be set up to draw attention to particular groups of lots within a sale. Feature these sections on your home page – keeps content looking fresh and engaging.
  • Allow clients to download a hand Lot Details PDF directly from the lot details pages on your website. Helps drive customers towards engaging with the online experience rather than being reliant on printed catalogues.

Add context to your website catalogue by including 'editorial tiles' before certain lots. An excellent feature for making the viewing/browsing experience more engaging.

Bring your website catalogue to life by varying the image grid so that you can give prominence to important lots. An excellent feature for making the viewing/browsing experience more visual and dynamic.